Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Song in My Heart (It Should've Stayed There): The Song Title Game

Here’s a little game I’ve been playing with my brain. I got the idea from this page of Between Failures where some of the characters play the same game using movie titles.

Link as many song titles together as possible, matching the last word of the song title with the first word of the next song title.
  1. You need song title and you must identify an artist.
  2. Songs must be songs that you know and/or part of your personal music collection. No Googling all songs that end with “love” and all songs that begin with “love.” You’re on the honor system. (If challenged or unsure of a title or artist, you may look it up, but it has to be a song you thought of on your own.)
  3. You may link a singular word with a plural, compound word, or longer word that contains the word in question. For example:
    a.   “Dust in the Wind” to “Winds of Change”
    b.   “Love the One You’re With” to “Within You Without You.”
    c.   Technically, “Blue Bayou” to “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher” would be legal, but come on. Really?
    On the other hand, I just went from “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” to “Funeral for a Friend,” so, whatever.
  4. More than one word is okay too, e.g., “Play the Game” to “The Game of Love.”
  5. Variations or covers of the same song do not count as separate songs.
  6. Different songs with the same title are legal; however, you may not list them consecutively (e.g., “Crazy,” “Crazy,” and “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, Seal, and Aerosmith doesn’t give you three in a row).
Here's the list I've come up with so far:
  1. And You and I                                                                       Yes 
  2. I Wouldn’t Want to be Like You                                            Alan Parsons Project 
  3. You Don’t Know What It’s Like                                            The Bee Gees 
  4. Like a Rolling Stone                                                               Bob Dylan 
  5. Stone Cold Crazy                                                                   Queen 
  6. Crazy                                                                                     Patsy Cline 
  7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love                                              Queen 
  8. Love the One You’re With                                                     Stephen Stills 
  9. With or Without You                                                             U2 
  10. You Never Give Me Your Money                                          The Beatles 
  11. Money                                                                                   Pink Floyd 
  12. Money for Nothing                                                                Dire Straits 
  13. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now                                              Starship 
  14. Now I’m Here                                                                        Queen 
  15. Here I Am                                                                              Air Supply 
  16. I am a Rock                                                                           Simon and Garfunkel 
  17. Rock and Roll Over You                                                       Moody Blues 
  18. You and I                                                                               Queen 
  19. I Love Rock and Roll                                                             Joan Jett 
  20. Roll to Me                                                                              Del Amitri 
  21. Me, Myself and I                                                                   Scandal’Us 
  22. I Do I Do I Do                                                                       ABBA 
  23. Do You Love Me                                                                   The Contours 
  24. Me, Myself and I                                                                   Beyoncé 
  25. I Want It All                                                                           Queen 
  26. All You Need is Love                                                            The Beatles 
  27. Love Me Like a Rock                                                            Paul Simon 
  28. Rock and Roll Music                                                             Chuck Berry 
  29. Music was My First Love                                                       John Miles 
  30. Love to Love You Baby                                                        Donna Summer 
  31. Baby Love                                                                             The Supremes 
  32. Love Me Do                                                                           The Beatles 
  33. Do You Know Where You’re Going To                                Diana Ross 
  34. To Sir With Love                                                                   Lulu 
  35. Love Child                                                                             Diana Ross 
  36. Child in Time                                                                         Deep Purple 
  37. Time                                                                                      Alan Parsons Project 
  38. Time After Time                                                                    Cyndi Lauper 
  39. Time                                                                                      Pink Floyd 
  40. Time of the Season                                                                The Zombies 
  41. Seasons in the Sun                                                                 Terry Jacks 
  42. Sun King                                                                                The Beatles 
  43. King of the Road                                                                   Roger Miller 
  44. Roadhouse Blues                                                                   The Doors 
  45. Blues Brothers Theme                                                            The Blues Brothers 
  46. Theme from Gilligan’s Island                                                Bowling for Soup 
  47. Island Girl                                                                              Elton John 
  48. Girl                                                                                        The Beatles 
  49. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun                                                    Cyndi Lauper 
  50. Fun, Fun, Fun                                                                        The Beach Boys 
  51. Fun It                                                                                     Queen 
  52. It Takes Two                                                                          Marvin Gaye/Kim Weston 
  53. 2 Become 1                                                                            Spice Girls 
  54. One                                                                                        Three Dog Night 
  55. One Fine Day                                                                         Chiffons 
  56. Day at the Beach                                                                    Joe Satriani 
  57. Beach Baby                                                                           The First Class 
  58. Baby Got Back                                                                      Sir Mix-a-lot 
  59. Back in Black                                                                        AC/DC 
  60. Black is Black                                                                        Los Bravos 
  61. Black Magic Woman                                                              Carlos Santana 
  62. Woman                                                                                  John Lennon 
  63. Woman in Love                                                                     Barbara Streisand 
  64. Love of My Life                                                                    Queen 
  65. Life’s Been Good                                                                  Joe Walsh 
  66. Good Lovin’                                                                          The Young Rascals 
  67. Lovin’ You                                                                            Minnie Riperton 
  68. (You Drive Me) Crazy                                                           Brittney Spears 
  69. Crazy                                                                                     Seal 
  70. Crazy for You                                                                        Madonna 
  71. You Never Can Tell                                                               Chuck Berry 
  72. Tell Her No                                                                            The Zombies 
  73. No Sugar Tonight                                                                   The Guess Who 
  74. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight                                                      Genesis 
  75. Tonight’s the Night                                                                Rod Stewart 
  76. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia                             Vicki Lawrence 
  77. Georgia on My Mind                                                              Ray Charles 
  78. Mind Games                                                                          John Lennon 
  79. Games People Play                                                                Joe South 
  80. Play the Game                                                                        Queen 
  81. Games People Play                                                                Alan Parsons Project 
  82. Play that Funky Music                                                           Wild Cherry 
  83. Music of the Night                                                                 Andrew Lloyd Webber 
  84. The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down                                  The Band 
  85. Downtown                                                                             Petulia Clarke

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