Saturday, November 29, 2014

But Enough About Me: State of the Blog

     So, this is the first anniversary of Tales of the Boojum: The Blog, give or take a day. Overall, I’ve kept to my theme of “middle-aged nerd writes about stuff,” though that was a pretty low bar. Posting a couple times a month turned out to be more than I was willing to commit to, but I did manage to hit once a month (though typically on the last day of the month in a finishing-homework-on-the-bus fashion). August’s “Song Title Game” was sort of a cheat, since it was something that had been lying around for a while even if it was something I’d been meaning to share. Likewise, July’s “Stuff I Wish I’d Said” was kind of dashed out at the last minute though it amused me and I am pleased with it. There’s always stuff I wish I’d said.
     Since last year, I added Comics Alliance and The Mary Sue to my list of favorite blogs there on the right and removed Fraggmented and The Mighty Godking, which, while still good, update even less frequently than I do. That’s some pretty weak sauce. I’ve got one or two more in mind that I might add. I’ve also been wanting to add a list of my favorite web comics, but there are so many to choose from.
     Looking back, I have achieved my goal of writing more. (Fortunately, cultivating actual readership was not one of my goals.) I wrote a lot of different stuff from throw-away fiction and comedy bits to reviews to painstakingly researched essays. I feel like I've done some good work, at least good enough that I can still continue to think of myself as a writer. So, yay.
     Coming up, I’d like to do more exploration of tropes, comics, and fanfic (and combinations thereof). The main thing is that I’m enjoying myself, so I should keep doing it.

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