Saturday, March 28, 2015

But Enough About Me: So It Turns Out I went to High School with this One Guy Who’s Famous

I was reading one of my nerd blogs a couple weeks ago and I stumbled across a name I recognized. A kid I knew in high school. Turns out he’s famous and stuff. Described as the greatest lyricist of his generation.

Meaning my generation, I guess.

Who knew?

I hadn’t read any of his books or heard many of his songs, so there’s not much point in saying who he is. Though, by odd coincidence the episode of Welcome to Night Vale I listened to that week featured the new song by his band as its musical interlude. I can just hear the voice of Night Vale’s Cecil Baldwin: “A name you weren’t expecting to read. A face you weren’t expecting to remember. Welcome to Night Vale.”

I found myself racking my brain for everything I could remember about him and came up with some funny random stuff. He was a couple years younger than me, so that meant our paths crossed in my junior or senior year. He was in the same creative writing class with me at least once and was part of my social clique.

(Said clique was a Venn diagram overlap of nerds and hippies that hung out in the high school’s central quad near the library. We were called “the Granolas.”)

Anyhoodle, I remember him being like a head shorter than me; he described himself as an iconoclast and he idolized Jim Morrison of the Doors. I don’t specifically remember anything he wrote at the time, but his style tended toward dark-clever with a bit of funny. A friend of mine lost her virginity to him, so there’s that.

Kind of funny remembering her too. I was sweet on her in eighth and ninth grade and, thanks to a lucky spin of the bottle at her birthday party in eighth grade, she was the first girl I ever kissed. Nothing more ever came of it after that despite my dropping clumsy awkward hints in ninth grade. By time we were upperclassmen, the friend zone was actually a pretty good place to be. She provided me with the intel that got me together with my first real girlfriend.

I remember being a bit concerned when she professed having a major crush on this weird little freshman and was even more surprised when she told me about the virginity thing. (We were close enough that she volunteered details.) As far as I recall, it worked out pretty well; they were together until she graduated, which is a good deal better than the hash I made of my high school romance.

So there you go: thoughts about two random people I used to know. I don’t care to live in the past, but it’s fun to visit sometimes.

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